Sudoku Puzzle Game
I have created a Sudoku Puzzel game, written in tcl\tk, an industry standard scripting language. I would like to offer a free copy of the program. A view of the program GUI can be seen on the right. Currently game one is running.

You may wonder why I chose to write this program in Tcl, a scritping language. First off, I know the language as I use it in my work, so it was a natural for me. Second, the Tcl interpurter, once downloaded and installed, never has to be loaded again. That means the downloads from me are much smaller. Third, Tcl is supported on many platforms, and so makes the efforts usable by more Sudoku players. Lastly, Tcl is free, not much more can be said about that.

Before you can take advantage of my offer of, free Sudoku, you will have to download and install activestate tcl . It may not be required to download the Activestate installation of tck\tk, if you have another installed already. The Activestate for windows, is the only one I have personaly used. It works with the Activestate installation on windows, but there has been no testing on other platforms, by it's nature tcl\tk is supose to be portable.

The Sudoku puzzle game downloads in the form of a "zip" file. Once downloaded, place the zip file in a directory of your choice. Use your "My Computer" browser to navigate to the zip file, and unzip the file in that directory. You may now start Sudoku by double clicking on the "Sudoku" file in that directory. You may also create a shortcut to it and place that on your desk top. The compressed file set can be downloaded from here

Please put any feedback about this little script on the forums in the Sudoku Talk section. This will enable me to upgrade and update the program. Any updates to the script will be posted on the front page.