Here Babae is sitting on her summoned horse. Taken at the Hoard outpost in the Badlands.
Here I am on my horse just after I bought it. Cost was 90 gold, a couple weeks of saving for me. Taken at Under city gates.
Picture of the sunset as I am flying to a flight path destination some where. Currently over the water.
Here a nice little pic of a corpse recovery. Currently dead, I am heading to a little island, just off the south of Booty Bay. Of course when you are dead, you are a ghost and walk on water.
A little shot of the forst, water fall and all.
Some action, here about to clear the way to a Boss. Showed as a lvl 500 monster, but actually only lvl 45. The group handled things nicely.
Some screen shots from the past months playing World of Warcraft. If you want to see a full size view of a shot, just click it and you will get the full screen shot converted to jpg format. Enjoy!